Recommended Software

MUsic Software

Musicians are now bound to the the world of IT through myriad pieces of Software, specifically for the purpose of making music. Every Musician has to develop their IT skills, whether you love it or hate it...there's no escape.

One key thing is to find Software thats easy to use and makes the work of learning , playing, performing and recording easier.

I've listed below some key pieces of Software I use all the time to help make learning, playing and recording songs easier.

Song Surgeon

I use this a lot for breaking down Guitar solos, and Bass Runs. There's loads of TAB for many, many songs out there...but when you find there isn't and you want get the details of that original track, this is the software to use.

It has loads of other Features

  • Vocal Reduction

  • Key Change

  • Speed Change, slow whole songs to easier to manage learning speeds

  • Looping sections for learning Specific Parts

  • Import and Export of WAV and MP3 files

  • EQ features to filter specific frequencies up or down allowing you to hear Bass or Guitar more easily

Guitarator Tool Box

I find Guitarator an excellent tool for messing about with Chords and Scales. Chorderator helps you work out new Voicings, or shows you whats possible with existing ones, You can type in obscure fingerings and find out what the chord elements are and what approach or view of it you might take.

Its really useful for New Guitarists to understand and easily work out Chords.

Scalerator is equally as useful showing patterns for scale types across the neck in quick and easy to read Views.

Open Metronome

Free and Easy to use programmable Metronome / Drum machine.

I find this little piece of uncomplicated and useful software really helpful. You can generate Drum like sounds or standard Metronome clicks, Tempo and Time signature changes are really easy and it's simple, accessible and free

Ableton Live

I use Ableton for recording and producing tracks, its got great features and loads or tutorials, effects and support. If you want to get into recording and producing its one of the top set of DAW products for creating professional sound. Using a Push or USB Keyboard for Midi control of Drums or Loops is really simple. Once you get your head around the basics its really easy to create new stuff.