Best Guitars for Beginners

Which One to Choose!

Ever been faced with too much choice...Beginning to play guitar and not knowing what to get to start with is like that. Loads of questions to answer and no real answers from the adverts!

There's plenty of reviews out there and often these are pretty accurate. However take my advice. Whatever you buy to learn on is only the first of what will likely be many choices and making a cheap and cheerful choice is often easiest and quickest. Not to mention lightest on the pocket!


Below I've listed two or three reasonably priced Acoustic Guitars that will suit beginners, both in style and budget.

An Electro Acoustic with Tuner and Fishman pickup etc although its listed elsewhere as well so hunt for good prices

so search out the cheapest offer by all means

this is a Gear 4 Music exclusive but not bad

Tanglewood are a good make and recommended, this one doesn't have a pick up etc and is just acoustic hence a lot cheaper generally than Electro Acoustic, e.g. one with a Pick up. Often though when your beginning, playing through a PA is the last thing you'll be doing!

This has a load of accessories although the Guitar is reasonable, it also comes with Case, Strap, Strings, Capo and basic Tuner!

Call me let me know what your looking to play and I can give you advice on what to get. We can have a chat on it if you're in doubt.


What to Look For:

Whatever you buy it has to be viewed as a Start. something to work with. Once you get going and you're beginning to get the bug so to speak, then you can invest in something better.

  • Look for good build quality

  • No sloppy lacquering or funny finishes

  • Smooth and easy feel to the neck, no sharp edges from the Frets!

  • Nice Sustain to the Sound, strum it once and listen to the Sound Hole, does it sing..... or is it flat and un responsive.

  • Do you like the look of it!

  • Is the price right for the level of Guitar

  • Have you tried it out, or take someone with you who can try it out!