I Started...

I started when I was 14 years old, copying a friend of mine playing the guitar, I also started out playing the piano, having heard "The Entertainer" played by another friend who had lessons....I tried piano lessons first off - but got board to tears with them, as I didn't get to play " The Entertainer" ...more the dreary "Our First Waltz". That kind of left me high and dry especially after my father got rid of the piano...and after a while bought a guitar to play himself...

He never did get to learn how to play it... I picked it up and carried on copying my friend and others for a while until I could play some chords and bits and pieces.

My brother and I would mess about learning stuff from Led Zeppelin ... you guessed it " Stairway to Heaven" and such like!

Over the Years

I've now played in Pubs, Clubs and Churches, Fields, Barns and Tents doing all sorts of gigs. I've played in Church Duo's, in a Blues Band and a Covers Band.

I set myself the goal of reaching Grade 8 guitar which I achieved sometime ago now...with the RGT; however I'm still learning and every day is a school day when it comes to seeing what others can do and learning new licks and tricks

Alvechurch Community Choir

I currently help out with Alvechurch Community Choir, assisting the choir leaders and playing on the Pub sing along evenings, these are usually the second Monday of the month if you want to come along...they cover a wide range of material, old time blue grass, country, pop, rock n roll and some show tunes. Its always a new set of tunes to learn and still keeps you on your toes have to perform a new tune when required.

Clem Curtis and the Foundations

Recent Times...I've been depping for Clem Curtis and the Foundations which was great fun, learning the set and getting to play some genuine old Soul with an original...Baby Now That I've found You...Buttercup among other great tunes.

Free to Be

I'm a founder member of FreetoBe a soul, funk, latin fusion band, in reality we like to play all sorts, however I write songs and collaborate with the others in the band to create some original material, we are working on new stuff all the time.


City Breaks

This is a Jazz Funk band I'm working with, we do covers and some original material, it's a lot of fun and although some of it could be called "easy listening" it's actually pretty complicated stuff with a lot of weird Chords with lots of numbers attached to them!