Dave Perryman Guitar Tuition

Lessons... not just learning chords...more a plan on how to progress...

Managing Risk

When The Tiering System Allows...

Covid-19 management for handling guitar lessons means the following

  • Single Entrance and Exit, no going through my home or meeting others.

  • Equipment like door handles, chairs, stands etc cleaned down between sessions

  • Maintaining a social distance between Student and Teacher

  • Masks can be worn if requested

  • Door can be left open for ventilation

I provide remote lessons all you need is a Web Cam and Speakers

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced...the Key thing to remember is that no matter what level you think you’re at, you can improve faster when you get someone else to give you advice... In other words it’s hard to learn on your own... believe me I've tried. Lessons from £25 an hour.

What are some of the biggest challenges/problems you are facing in your guitar playing right now?

That’s why I’m offering not just a lesson in how to play the guitar but also a point of view on what you want to achieve, how you can achieve it and ideas on how you can reach your goals.

Although self-taught is a good thing, you might feel proud you taught yourself a new piece, that’s great!

However, in terms of learning, it means you can be missing key things that an observer or tutor will talk about and enable you to see…even if it’s just another point of view.

Learning songs you want to play or sing… having someone to encourage you and strengthen your skills is the key to successful learning.

What things have you tried to solve your guitar playing problems up until now?

Why have they not worked for you?

If you and I start working together, what is the number 1 obstacle in your guitar playing

you want to overcome in the next 90 days?

Local to SoutH Birmingham

Based in Alvechurch, I'm local to South Birmingham, Redditch, Bromsgrove and conveniently situated by Jnc 2 of the M42.